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Healthcare Solution Apps

Healthcare Solution Apps

*Physician referral solution*
Artistixe IT Solutions LLP build an interactive physician referral system that
connects physicians with hospitals for speedy detection and analysis before
the patient is directed to the right department

*Patient data and care solution*
A fast and easy to navigate UI helps streamline the storage of patient
Information and helps in maintaining their hospital as well as
Post-discharge information.

*Patient educational solution*
We help build a ready reckoned for patients to help identify their
Symptoms as well as follow appropriate precautions

*Prescription** management*
To keep patient medication records clutter-free, AIS offers unique and
Tailor-made solutions to maintain a repository of prescriptions.

Healthcare app
One can’t prevent ailments but the hospital and patient management system
can be organized.

AIS plays a pivotal role in assisting hospitals with better management of
patient records while also providing support in the following areas:

• One-stop access to all data

• Organized data collection and analysis

• Data privacy

• Effective patient communication

• Prescription management

*Web: *

*Skype: /
Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9950091308, +91-9414676909*
*-Regards, Tanuj K.Global Marketing Head*

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