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sEvent Solution

500 IQD
فور سايت
*Event Solutions- Web & Mobile App*
*Corporate events*
Organize your company get-together with the help of Artistixe IT Solution's
Customized work, housed on the virtual domain for better coordination
*Bespoke functions*
Looking for on-demand parties and get-together? Well, look no further. We
offer the most incredible way to organize a quick get-together
Corporate seminars and conferences are made possible with just a quick tap
of the button with our ready solutions
*Exhibition stands*
We excel in providing the best technical assistance to bring differently
Businesses under the same umbrella when it comes to booking and managing
Organizing an event has never been easier with our ready-to-use solutions.
AIS excel in the arena of planning and managing an event virtually with the
success rate of 100%. Some of the key benefits you will receive are:
• Help in choosing the ideal destination
• Managing resources and attendees’ data online
• Offering bulk discounts and loyalty programs
• Help in generating revenue for clients
• Integration with CRM tools to help smooth exchange of data during the event.
*Web: *
*Skype: /
Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9950091308, +91-9414676909*
*-Regards, Tanuj K.Global Marketing Head*

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